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Ripehouse offers expert commentary + research reports + a full suite of analysis tools for helping identify your next investment property. Each is powerful alone - but even better when used together.


Pulling the trigger on your next purchase is often daunting. When you can scour the nation with ease, it's always a great time to buy with Ripehouse.


It's common to feel out of our depth but researching expert quality investments can be simple. We cleverly use technology to deliver real punch, cutting through your research noise.


End to end research is the key to staying ahead of the pack. Ripehouse is the only platform to allow you to analyse all five layers of Australia's property puzzle.


You need to make concise decisions based on live data. Ripehouse understands that the optimum buying window is only a few weeks - we update all research and analysis three times per day.

How do 1450+ investors use Ripehouse?

Expert Commentary

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Research Reports

Our Comprehensive Research Reports have been demonstrated to help deliver amazing results.

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Analysis Tools

The Ripehouse Analysis Tools provide answers, not questions. They are simple to use but extremely powerful.

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We know property investment.

Since 2011 Ripehouse has a demonstrated track record of innovation and success.

We are the research partner of API Magazine, Australia's longest running and most trusted property publication. We are also regularly asked to provide commentary and contribute to Australia's property investment dialogue.

We understand that if we act like the majority of investors, we might get stuck at one or two investment properties, falling short of our retirement and lifestyle goals.

By pushing the boundaries and cleverly using cutting-edge technology, we do the heavy lifting, so you don't have to.

Jane Slack-Smith

Jane Slack-Smith


Ripehouse is an invaluable research tool in my investment toolbox. It gives me the confidence I need to make critical decisions as part of my low risk investment strategy. I find the software, street level local data and research very intuitive - as an investor it just gets it.

Dave Ward

Dave Ward

Buyers Agent

Your site is amazing and is a credit to [the team]! I am 38 and have been investing in and developing property since I was 19, this is the best tool I have seen throughout my career.

Guy Williams

Guy Williams

DIY Investor

I wouldn’t have found this property and been able to negotiate as well as I could without your excellent advice and brilliant website. Keep up the great work. Now for my next purchase [Guy purchased 10 properties in 10 months using Ripehouse - with an average annualised return of 25% + yield of 6.25%]

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