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Ripehouse is a data analytics and property investment company
and we use AI to help you invest better.

The Ripehouse "Brain"

Ripehouse has artificial intelligence (AI) built right into its core. It's brain, so to speak, crunches masses of "Big Data" and makes simple yet outstanding property recommendations. These predictions are not for just any average joe - they are perfectly optimised to your exact investment needs. Now any DIY property investor can achieve returns previously reserved for the industry's very elite using smart technology.

The Ripehouse Brain

Back-checked Recommendations

Each time a property recommendation is made using the Ripehouse Brain it is back-checked. The Ripehouse Brain searches for all the instances where similar market conditions have been present at an LGA, Suburb and a Street level. The Ripehouse Brain then uses this information to predict likely future growth. Monitoring this growth, in real time, it is constantly learning, improving and optimizing - just like a real investor's "Brain".

Artifical + Swarm Intelligence

The Ripehouse Brain is at the absolute cutting edge of technology. It uses machine learning to methodically look at and replicate the "Human Touch" and then improve on it - by crunching the numbers and then applying these learnings. Through observing investors all over the country, it is able to track momentum, and follow the "Investor Eye Ball" as it shifts, ensuring that it always remain on the pulse. It adapts and learns in real time from the collective "Swarm" of momentum.

BIG Data

Here at Ripehouse we track 121 (and counting) metrics for Local Government Areas, Suburbs and Streets. Our data is extensive. Whilst the experts are being “experts”, and you guys were designing your amazing strategies - The AI Ripehouse Brain has been crunching this "Big Data" to improve upon what you were doing. It was using the past to try and predict the future. Actually, it still is, even right now.

100's of DIY Strategies

The Ripehouse Brain is a big sponge. We threw you, the Ripehouse users, the keys and the Brain was watching. We developed a design your own strategy interface and allowed you to develop your perfect strategy. You were able to find the exact suburbs which conformed to that strategy - all the while the Ripehouse Brain was watching, improving and optimizing.

Over 50 Expert Interviews

The Brain needs to learn from the best. Over the course of 12 months, here at Ripehouse, we performed rigorous interviews with, and analysis of the best in the industry. Researchers, REI members, advocates and valuers. How did they look for areas of growth potential and why? The Ripehouse "Brain" needed to digest their secret sauce, how to quantify it and how to recreate it time and time again.

Big Data

Timely, accurate + jaw-dropping returns

Ripehouse continuously collects millions of data points tracking 121 property research metrics (and counting) and uses advanced AI technology to provide you with bespoke property recommends. You see, if there was even a short delay in this process, the recommendations may be out of date - your "Buying Window" may have already slammed shut. No one else (anywhere in the world) has a "Brain" like ours, which have been refined and perfected for over half a decade.

With this property technology, we have been able to develop a property research and acquisition platform that consistently outperforms our competitors.

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